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                                                    Electric heating tube used for stainless steel tube what material?


                                                    Stainless steel electric steel pipe is generally what material? England to 840 pipes have what advantages and disadvantages?

                                                    Along the inside of the tube center shaft to uniform spiral electric heating wire (Cr, Fe Cr alloy) the gap filling compaction with good insulation thermal conductivity properties of magnesia, stainless steel electric heating tube is a metal tube shell. Silica gel or ceramic pipe ends are sealed, the metal sheathed heating element can be heated air, mold and all kinds of liquid metal.

                                                    And in the voids of local tightly filled with good heat resistance, thermal conductivity and dielectric properties of crystalline magnesium oxide powder, stainless steel electric heating tube is placed in the heating element in the metal pipe. The other process and. Has the advantages of simple structure, the characteristics of high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safe and reliable, the device is convenient, long service life etc..Suitable for a wide variety of niter slot, water tank, oil tank, acid-base tank, the fusible metal melting furnace,air heating furnace, drying oven, drying oven, hot pressing die device.

                                                    Stainless steel seamless pipe machining deformation, the first of 301 stainless steel material. Hardeningphenomenon, be used for a variety of high strength place. Process for manufacturing stainless steel heating tubes, the most used is 304 stainless steel material, is widely used in heating liquid (strong acidity) and air heating, with excellent comprehensive properties, easy molding and moderate price, the most used in heating tube manufacturing. Stainless steel 302 is the actual carbon content more than 304 varieties, after cold rollingwith high strength.

                                                    Because of containing sulphur, stainless steel 303. Easy cutting, mainly used for cutting and convenient placeon the stainless steel surface finish requirements are high.

                                                    Low carbon stainless steel heat affected decomposition in near the weld during the welding time less than 304L carbide, stainless steel 304 stainless steel, low carbon content. So the minimum Jian Xiaotan emission,because carbide welding erosion will occur. High nickel content, 305 material, easy forming, because the work hardening rate is low. 308 stainless steel material generally used in the manufacture of electrode.

                                                    Stainless steel seamless pipe will be applied to the weak alkaline, 316 and 317 material containing aluminum.Acid and alkali resistant type is better than that of 304 stainless steel material. 321 material containing titaniumcomponents of high, generally used for welding, using high temperature and acidity of the corrosion productsin.

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